"Very sweet and floral and the flower is of course the rose. I am not sure what, but there is something musky and dusty beneath that rose; I get the same feeling from the use of violet leaf in some perfumes. The rose seems to open and amplify more and more and later I get a powdery aspect added to the sweet rose."
"The Smell is awesome. Very Long Lasting. Even after washing, the smell of this scent is still there in my clothes and my almirah is full of this dcent when open. The sample sent with it awesome like morning smell of Natural evergreen Herbs. I will the sample too later."
"Product is excellent. And add some other varieties of oud attar perfumes like amber,gold wood ,body wood, tobacco wood, because many people prefer wood perfumes and I also ,and I also prefer flowers' perfume of black orchid and velvet orchid of Tom Ford"
"I personally LOVE it. It is intensely floral with mild citrus notes on me. It has much better performance than Jo Malone Orange Blossom at a fraction of its price."
"Soothing sandalwood fragrance. long lasting (8-10 hours noticeable)."

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